Downloading Your Files from My Account

Locate My Account (Upper, right of all pages) & SIGN IN

Locate My Account and Click the SIGN IN button to log into your account area. This is the account that you had to create prior to checking out:

Sign in

When the Sign-In pop-up appears, enter your login: Email address & password:

Downloads menu option

Once signed-in you will notice there are many more options in My Account Menu, click Downloads to be redirected to the customer file download area:

Downloads section

This is the Customer File Download section. Click the File Name, which is an Active Link to begin downloading your form, skip next step:

Downloads section with Error Message

Should the file not be Active as a Link, please read messages below of possible reasons why your files are not available. If you need to reach us, for fastest response time, visit our Help Desk if you have any questions/concerns:

File downloading / progress

Once the file starts downloading, you should see the file download progress in lower left of your browser's window. (If you have your browser setup properly):

File download completed

Once the file has completely downloaded to your computer the download progress bar in your browser should stop displaying the progress in K Bytes and indication that the file has completely downloaded, follow instructions in the screenshot below to go to the location that your file was downloaded to:

I need help!

Please contact our customer service team by visiting our Help & Support Desk and open a support ticket for quick response time (It is much quicker then sending us e-mail)