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Simplify your workflow, save on printed forms and go digital with fully editable, self calculating, interactive PDF eForms.

Fillable PDF eForms

For use with free Adobe Reader®

SnappyForms are compatible with Windows, MAC and Unix/Linux operating systems


• Edit your header (business) information
• Add your logo and other trade images
• Add your state sales tax
• Choice of 3 form ruling styles (Traditional, Minimalistic, no ruling)
• Certificates come with 7 color borders
• Edit form field titles (e.g. Customer Name to Client)
• All form text is editable
• Add digital signature
• Fillable form fields, auto spell checking
• Add digital signature
• Incremental & manual form invoice numbering
• Define totals as taxable or non-taxable
• Fully editable form text & verbiage
• Text formatting for bold, italic
• Variable fillable form fields, auto adjusting text size
• Choice of form text color (7 basic colors)
• Choice of form ruling/tables color (7 basic colors)
• Choice of 3 data input colors (fill-in text)
• Protect forms from further editing
• Send form by e-mail, fax or to your printer
• Save filled-out forms for your records

Additional features: 
• Edit as many times as needed
• Unprotected forms, use over and over
• Comes with our new Form Options Menu v2
• Free lifetime form support
• Includes 1 hour free form personalization support

Fillable eForms

Sample form displayed for illustration purpose, each form will vary.

The blue highlighted fields (field shading), in this sample form indicate the fillable fields. (Form field shading may be turned off and on)

Sample of an Interactive PDF form and features

Our new Form Options Menu is conveniently located on top of all forms, and take our eForms to a new level to make customization easy and increase productivity.

The menu is non-printing options button so it does not display when you Submit the form to your customer, providing you a set of tools not found in other PDF forms.

Productivity options:

  • Make Form Read-Only and send by E-mail
  • Make Form Read-Only
  • E-mail form to Associate (for review)
  • E-mail form to Associate (without the Form Options Menu)

In a world of constant change, our smart eForms may be customized for almost any use you may require.

Customization options:

  • Edit Company Name
  • Edit Company Address
  • Edit Form's Header Title
  • Edit Form field names
  • Change Font Colors
    • Change Company Name and Address to any of 7 colors
    • Change Forms Header Title color to any of 7 colors
    • Change Form Field Names Text color to any of 7 colors
    • Change Fill-in (data entry) Text color to any of 3 colors
  • Change Form Ruling Color to any of 7 colors
  • Add Your Company Logo
  • Setup your state sales tax
  • Lock/Unlock Editable form fields (allows editing of all text/verbiage in form)

Available Colors: (For form text, form rulings, company name, company address, border colors, etc.)

SnappyFORMS' exclusive Form Options Menu* makes it easy setting up your form.

Interactive PDF Form Options Menu feature for Interactive PDF forms by SnappyFORMS'

* Certain features are only available in form v10., with menu v2. In addition some forms may not require certain menu features (e.g. sales tax input). Form version is displayed in the product description page.

Access your eForm and fill out your form directly from your computer, laptop, tablet PC, stored on your hard disk, the cloud, your web site storage area.

Edit business forms header

Edit the form's header business name as many times and as often as needed; changed your telephone numbers, moved to a new location? no problem, just change it and continue using your new, edited form as usual.

Business name color options:
Choice of 7 standard colors to choose from allows you to maintain your business identity colors.

Available colors for trade business forms templates

Edit the business form's title section with your own business name, address and contact information

Edit the form's header title to better fit you business needs.

Form header title color options:
Choice of 7 standard colors to choose from allows you to maintain your business identity colors.

Available colors for trade business forms templates

Insert Your Business Logo

Add your own business logos, trade associations, brand logos and pictures

Personalize your eForm by placing your business logo, in addition, you may also place images, clip art and trade associations logos to enhance and personalize your form.

Self calculating tax amount

Define your state sales tax amount and use the form's tax rules options check boxes to define which total amounts are to be taxable or non-taxable, providing great flexibility to meet all job taxing situations (The checkboxes do not display in final printed forms). Taxing features also work with credits/refunds provided to customer where he had already paid said amounts with tax included.

Forms fully auto-calculating. Forms having labor fees per hour also calculate accordingly to provide total hours labor worked and charged, quantity columns also calculate per unit price.

Automatic or Manual form sequential numbering

Choice of sequential or manual numbering –or not to use form numbering.

Determine any starting number for your form.

Editable form field labels

All form field labels/text may be edited to suite your particular needs, for example where the form says "Customer Name" you may change it to "Client Name" —or anything you may need. In addition, you can choose to use up to 7 colors for form field labels.

All form text, such as column headings, tasks lists, legalese sections/wording, terms and conditions verbiage is fully editable.

Available colors for trade business forms templates

Form Imput Text Color, Interactive PDF Trade Forms

You are no longer "stuck" using black type to fill out your form. Change colors with one mouse click at any time. Fillable type is spelled checked automatically.

Input text color options:
To fill out an eForm you have a choice of using 3 text colors, the selections are: black, blue & red.

Change form text color

With one mouse click you can change all form body text that is not fillable, this includes for example, the form field labels, the form heading labels, all form verbiage —instantly changes the look of the form's verbiage.

Form text color options:
Choice of 7 colors to choose from: black, blue, green, red, brown, burgundy, purple.

Available colors for trade business forms templates

Form rulling color, available in 7 standard colors

Easily change all the form ruling color, with one mouse click your form takes on a new look to match your business colors. All form ruling layout/tables/solids/screening is changed. Use together with verbiage color options to match your exact color needs.

Form ruling color options:

Choice of 7 colors to choose from: black, blue, green, red, brown, burgundy, purple.

Available colors for trade business forms templates

Capture signature on capable devices

eForms can support e-signatures for on-the-go document approvals.

Print form and sign by hand or use signature capable device, a signature capture pad, 3rd party signature capture software or use a digital or scanned file/image.

Interactive PDF Form Options

Work smarter

eForms with check boxes, radio buttons, drop down menus and list options make write-ups fast and easy and ensure legibility and validation of collected data.

Easy access

eForms may be opened, filled-in and submitted using any computer, laptop, tablet, hand-held device supporting Adobe Acrobat PDF standards or from any server or website (with Javascript plug-in). Once it has been filled-in, the form may be emailed, faxed, printed or hand delivered by hand.

Archiving and record keeping

Filled-in eForms may be saved on your computer for quick access and archiving and may be retrieved and modified at any time.


eForms may be opened by anyone using free Adobe Reader, because of the tremendous popularity of the format it comes already installed in all computers and allows your customer to respond without having or needing any special software.


After you filled-in your form, you can protect it, using our Form Options Menu features so that the eForm becomes a static PDF form and no further editing may be done to the document, this is useful when sending the document for customer approval.


Our eForms may be emailed, faxed, printed or hand delivered even printed as blank forms to be filled out by hand.

Legible Text

eForms provide 100% legible text and spell checking capabilities.


Form integrity

eForms are self calculating and will perform all form calculations and data validation required by the form providing overall data integrity, eliminating costly errors.

Fill forms electronically or by hand

Our forms may be used electronically and filled-in using your computer or printed as blank forms, filled-in using pen and hand-delivered to your customer.

Easy to update

Because our forms are fully editable you can make changes to your eForm and re-deploy your new version right away.

Help drive costs down

Save time and money doing away with offset printing expenses, mailing and managing your regular paper forms.

Increase workflow and productivity:

Quickly distribute, share, track, collect and manage all your eForm from your any computer. Less time to do administrative tasks, less paper, minimum use of printer, copier and associated overheads.

Data handling & Exchange*

eForms have the ability to efficiently share form's input data with other applications so that you may import/export your structured form data to a data file such as a spreadsheet or database file.

The eForm – An interactive PDF eForm for use with free Adobe Reader as described in the form description page.

Clip ArtAll forms come with original clip art and/or original logo artwork, all artwork is of high-resolution, 300dip.

Documentation – Get started guides, user manual and access to our online step-by-step video tutorial on customizing and using your eForm.

SupportAwesome tech support with 1 hour free customization help and assistance customizing your form.

Generous usage license – The software license allows you to use the form in as many computers, lap tops and field devices you may need for your staff as long as it is for the same business entity for which it was purchased for.

Is the price a one time fee? – Yes! The price you pay is a one time fee, with no hidden or recurring charges of any kind, and there's no limit on how long you and your staff and employees can use the eForm.

Are your forms crippled or protected? – No! Our eForms do not contain any protection or time/usage limitations.

1. Changes to the form ruling typically require editing by the original form creator.
2. Form integration with back-end databases will require support from your IT department. IT support not necessary for basic non-integrated forms.
3. To work with an eForm a minimum requirement is to have a computer with free Adobe Reader 6, or above. Internet access is also required for submitting forms electronically.

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