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Simplify your workflow and go digital, fully editable and customizable in-house, print only what you need and do away with print shop fees


Fillable Word Forms

For use with Microsoft Word®, Word for MAC® and other compatible word processors.

SnappyForms are compatible with Windows, MAC and Unix/Linux operating systems

Word Form Features


Fill out forms using Word form features/functions?
(Allows you to jump to each editable/fillable form field using your keyboard's Tab key.

-Fill out forms on desktop computer & laptop (for field work)?
-Add, change, edit your company information?
-Add your company logo?
-Add, change, edit, modify anything on the form?
-Save completed forms to your hard disk?
-Change background form color (20 shades to choose from) 
-Print forms in color and/or black/white? 
-Save filled-out customer forms to your hard disk?
-Spell check edited/modified forms?
-Enable form protection for office/employee staff?  
-Print to single sheets & carbonless forms  
-Print to Inkjet/Deskjet & laser printers?
-Print blank forms to fill out by hand?
-Professional/contemporary designs?
-Word style sheets included?
-Tab-fillable and blank templates?
-Free form conversion? (to another application)
-Original logo samples with artwork included?
-Acrobat Designer PDF unlocked form included?
-Hi resolution images, logos and original artwork?
-Work on PC & Mac?
-Documentation & helpful “get started” guides included?
-24/7 e-mail support as long as you own the form?
-E-mail forms to associates and customers?
-Compatible with Microsoft Word 2003 and later editions?
-Unlimited quantity printing license?
-License for use in office, home & laptop included?

Business Form Templates for use with Microsoft Word® are best suited for business owners and start-ups that require a no nonsense approach to quickly filling out forms, be able to change company information as often as needed as their business needs change and wish to cut down on offset printing costs. 

SnappyFORMS' templates are easy to use, you can add your own logo, company information, change form titles and edit every aspect of the form to fit your particular business needs, using MS Word's editing tools. Forms have been prepared to be easy to use and/or modify to your business requirements, and with our professional designs you'll impress your customers and enhance your company image.

The forms including the Word and PDF bundle contain at least 2 different Word forms from the form types described below:

1) Standard Form - This is the standard, blank form template, without form fields. It may be used to print blank forms to be used to fill in a form by hand, it also serves as a starting point to create your own, new form so that you do not have to start from scratch, and for any other use you may find useful to your needs.

2) Text Box Fillable Form - Ready to fill-in form using Word text boxes with sample text placed in the form fields will get you up and running if you wish to fill-in the form using your computer/laptop. All that is needed is to replace the sample text with your own, very easy to use and great for Word starters.

3) Word Form Fillable Form* - This, more advanced form contains Word form fields that allow you to navigate the form using the tab and arrow keys to jump to the form fields, one by one, allowing you to fill-in the form faster.

* This form type, is for advanced Word users. Not all forms have this form type included in the Word and PDF bundle. If this form type is important to your particular needs, please contact us first, and inquire to be sure it is included in the Word and PDF bundle.

Some forms, due to form ruling complexity, are meant to be filled out by hand, other templates may not yet be available in fillable form, we are doing our best to upgrade our templates with these new features and chances are your template will arrive in all three types, but if it does not, you will at least receive the standard template and one of the fill-as-you-type templates.

Word Form Features

Sample Proposal form displayed for illustration purpose, each form will vary.

Standard Word Form, features:
The Word Standard form type

Word Text Box Fillable, features:

Word Text Box Fillable Form type

Word Fillable Form, features:

Word Fillable Form Type

Another form sample, displaying creative possibilities with SnappyFORMS' Word forms:

Form for use with Microsoft Word and compatible word processors

Clip Art

All forms come with original clip art and/or original logos which may be changed to meet your business needs, all graphics are high-resolution images.


Business Forms Template Editing Guide for Word in PDF format
Quick Tutorial on Microsoft Office Graphics in PDF format
Advanced Word Graphics and Objects in PDF format
Free life time support and form upgrades file conversion service

Unprotected Forms

No protected forms, period. Our forms come completely unprotected/unlocked, they may be fully edited, saved to your computer and used over and over again.


Awesome tech support with free customization help and assistance customizing the form to your particular needs, via SnappyFORMS's Help Desk.

Generous usage license

The software license allows you to use the form in as many computers, lap tops and field devices you may need for your staff as long as it is for the same business entity for which it was purchased for.

Is the price a one time fee?

Yes! The price you pay is a one time fee, with no hidden or recurring charges of any kind, and there's no limit on how long you and your staff and employees can use the form.

Are your forms crippled or protected?

No! Our Forms do not contain any protection or hidden usage, limitations or passwords of any kind.

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