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Cosmetic practice and surgery forms, patient intake forms, post op instruction guides, pre-op guides, botox, restylane, personal history, routing slip, superbill, super bill, patient history, patient sign in, botox consent form, new patient, new client, photography release, video release, interview release forms, and more.

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This form recognises that there are patients, members of the community who cannot speak English, and others that have other communication needs. This translation statement is intended to ensure that measures are in place across the office to support communication with everyone whose first language is not spoken english, does not communicate by the spoken work or has any form of communication difficulty.

The form acknowledges that the health care or interpreter has explained the procedure or course of treatment to the patient to the best of his/her ability and acknowledges that he/she believes the patient has understood. Signature and date lines for patient and interpreter.

Protect your rights, be sure non English speaking patients have had all procedures explained, what procedure is likely to involve, including risks, alternative treatments, including no treatment and any particular concerns to patient and that he/she fully understood, avoid legal issues along the way.

Did You Know?  Responsibility for arranging translation or interpreting services lies with the organisation and not the service user.

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This form is find out what procedure(s) your client is interested in, it contains a multitude of cosmetic practice therapies and procedures. Easy to respond check boxes so client can just check mark the procedures of interest. If is followed by a few more questions concerning the personal opinions the client may have about the procedure and if they had previous cosmetic surgery. Get informed on what your customers wish for.

No need to design your form from scratch, with its contemporary design and host of features, it is sure to enhance any cosmetic practice or existing medical or doctor's office wanting to do away with their old patient intake forms and replace them with new, updated, contemporary forms without going through the expense of starting from a new form or form typesetting and offset printing fees. Print as many as you need and edit them as often as needed.

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Avoid malpractice suits that can tarnish the physician's reputation and raise malpractice insurance premiums by having your client accept binding arbitration of any dispute, avoiding the client's right to a trial.

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Provide your clients and customer with a welcoming letter showing that you respect their rights to dignity and pride with the Patient's Rights notice / handout.

This document will explain your patient rights and responsibilities. It is part of your patient's registration and is an important part their health care. Our commitment to your patients should include and inform them of their rights and responsibilities. This notice complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and affirm that the clinic will deliver high-quality health care to every patient

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A patient's guide listing frequently asked questions about Restylane® and Restylane injections, patient handout / leaflet. Easily editable using word processor. 

Put your clients at ease and provide them with Restylane injection information.

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A superbill is a form used by medical practitioners and clinicians so they can quickly complete and submit the procedure(s) and diagnosis(s) for a patient visit for reimbursement. It is generally customized for a provider office and contains patient information, the most common CPT (procedure) and ICD (diagnostic) codes used by that office, and a section for items such as follow-up appointments, copays, and the provider’s signature.

The super bill is bundled with Microsoft Word forms and a fillable PDF form for use with free Adobe Reader. Both forms can be personalized with your practice name, address, contact numbers, etc. The Word form is fully editable, the PDF form you can only edit your practice business name, address, etc.

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The form is intended to clarity, to client/patient of their financial responsibility with medical services and procedures.

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Pre treatment instructions for Botox treatment, leaflet with instructions for patients who will be receiving Botox injections.