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Botox Therapy Consent Form. Patient authorizes physician to perform Botox injections and is informed of all that is related to the procedures such as the proposed treatment, anticipated benefits, risks and complications associated with treatment, Botox limitations and alternatives, costs/fees, follow ups, photographs, etc. Consent signature is at bottom and patient consents that all above questions have been answered and accepts the risks and complications of the procedure.

No need to design your form from scratch, with its contemporary design and host of features, it is sure to enhance any cosmetic practice or existing medical or doctor's office wanting to do away with their old patient intake forms and replace them with new, updated, contemporary forms without going through the expense of starting from a new form or form typesetting and offset printing fees. Print as many as you need and edit them as often as needed.

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Proper, specific, and reproducible labeling of anatomic locations of dermatologic lesions or therapy is important to record as part of a patient's medical history.  These drawings can serve as a list of locations treated (e.g. with Botox, etc.) proving very useful on patient's next visit.

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The form is intended to clarity, to client/patient of their financial responsibility with medical services and procedures.

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Pre treatment instructions for Botox treatment, leaflet with instructions for patients who will be receiving Botox injections.