Medical Forms

Forms for use in cosmetic practice centers, centers for cosmetic surgery, plastic surgeons, healthcare, medical offices.

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General guidelines to using a Walker. A patient's and caregiver guide to using a walking. Protect yourself, be sure you have outlined safety precautions to the patient and leave a safety guidelines sheet with the walker.

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Avoid malpractice suits that can tarnish the physician's reputation and raise malpractice insurance premiums by having your client accept binding arbitration of any dispute, avoiding the client's right to a trial.

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General Restylane®, facial injections consent form. Patient authorizes physician to perform Restylane injections into muscles covering patient's forehead, face, chewing muscles, scalp, neck, or upper back. Form may be modified or edited to meet your own practice needs and or other types of fillers and treatments.

With its contemporary design and host of features, it is sure to enhance any cosmetic practice or existing medical or doctor's office wanting to do away with their old patient intake forms and replace them with new, updated, contemporary forms without going through the expense of new form typesetting and offset printing fees. Print as many as you need and edit them as your office needs change in time.

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A list of frequently asked questions about Botox and Botox injections, patient handout / leaflet. Easily editable using word processor.