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An Authorization for Disclosure of Health Information is an individual's signed permission to allow a covered entity to use or disclose the individual's protected health information (PHI) that is described in the Authorization for the purpose(s) and to the recipient(s) stated in the Authorization.

The form's purpose is to obtain patients signature to be able to use or disclose health information. 

English and Spanish bundled together.

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Avoid malpractice suits that can tarnish the physician's reputation and raise malpractice insurance premiums by having your client accept binding arbitration of any dispute, avoiding the client's right to a trial.

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This Planning for Cosmetic Surgery brochure is a great planning toolkit and a helpful resource to answer your patient's general questions and address basic information that may be relevant to their plastic surgery experience. Patient safety should be your highest priority and informing your patients will be your biggest asset. Teaching your patients about their options will help them be educated patients, better prepared for physician consultations and ready to decide on which procedure is right for them.

This is a great brochure and editable using Microsoft Word. Easy to personalize, once completed, print, in your office, as many as needed, or deliver camera-ready artwork to your local speedy printer or print shop, for quantity brochure printing.

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Our referral card provides information that is easy to read and understand for you and your referring doctor. Layout is tailored to your practice and the specific services you offer. 

Easily edit using Microsoft Word and print from your office in regular bond paper or thicker stock, print as many as you need. 2 will fit on 8.5" x 11" letter size paper.