Save Money—Pay in Reward Points

When you purchase goods in our store, you get reward points. You can use them at any time and points Never expire.

What is the conversion for Reward Points to cash value?

For every $100 spent, you will receive 10 Reward Points. 10 Reward Points are equivalent to $10 value.

(Example: You purchase $60 worth of products on the site, in return you will get 6 reward points or $6 off towards your next purchase)

See how many points you have

How do I keep track of my Reward Points?

Log into your account and it should take you to the account page. The total points should be displayed next to “My Account” on top of the site.

Or you can also see the points under the My Account tab on the left. Example image below: My Points (550)

Use your reward points

How do I spend my Reward Points?

Before checking out your cart, please make sure to log into your account. During the checkout process, there will be an option to use your Reward Points. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (Emails are sent directly to the Help & Support Desk).