Forms by Trades

Professional and Skilled Trade forms such as job, work, service, repair orders and proposals, warranty certificates and other type of business start-up forms for use with construction, home improvement trades and other professions, such as: HVAC, Pressure Cleaning, Plumbing, Construction, Roofing, Kitchen Hood Cleaning, Landscaping, House Cleaning, Pest Control, Appliance Repair, Marine Repairs, Flooring, Carpeting, Handymen, Pressure Cleaning, Shipping & Cargo, Asphalt & Paving, Electrical, Automotive, and more.

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An all purpose warranty certificate for HVAC, plumbing, electrical, cleaning, kitchen remodeling, pest control, painting jobs, flooring, carpeting and may be used by just about any other home remodeling trade. Very simple to modify and to change warranty terms.

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Change orders are written orders when changes to the scope of work outlined in an original proposal or project contract. In general, they're used when either the client or the contractor decide changes must be made in order to complete the project, or when the definition of what constitutes a finished project changes. The change order describe the changes and signed by both -or more- parties, avoiding legal problems along the way.

This change order has a contemporary design, easy to read and with plenty of room to note the changes. Easily customizable with your own information and use as a computer fillable PDF form or Word document or fill at job site by hand.


Notice of Right to Cancel form is a federal and state law (FTC's Cooling-Off Rule) that gives a customer a 3 day right to cancel a sale made in his home, workplace or dormitory, or at seller's temporary location, like a hotel or motel room, convention center, fairground or restaurant. It also applies when you invite a salesperson to make a presentation in your home. This is a must-have form for any most home improvements.

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Job service invoice forms are for use by Chimney Contractors and professionals, providing sales, service, repair and installations, to record job details with ease and efficiency. This job service invoice may be use as a stand alone invoice or in conjunction with a job under a contract. The job service invoice form has ample ruling for describing work performed, labor and material charges and other miscellaneous charges to be included such as change orders, misc. charges, and sales tax.

About: The form is easily customizable with your own business information and may be used as a fillable PDF or Word document, all form text is fully editable so you may edit the form fields, and just about everything else the way you need it to read, for example, the field that reads "Signature" you can change that to read "Customer's Authorized Signature", "Client Signature", etc.

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This fillable, Fencing & Gating form may take other names such as Additional Description, Addendum, etc. It is meant to be used with any contract where additional information or descriptive space is needed. An Additional Contract Description is an additional document not included in the main part of the contract. It is an ad hoc item, usually compiled and executed after the main document, which contains additional terms, obligations or information.

Tip: In most Construction Documents, it is inevitable that the agreement, drawings, and specifications will not adequately address every single matter. There may be gaps, conflicts, or subtle ambiguities. The goal of the Additional Contract Description is to act as a partnering tool to resolve these gaps, conflicts, or subtle ambiguities during the bidding process or early in the construction process to eliminate the need for costly corrective measures. Should the response to the Additional Contract Description lead to additional work during the construction process that represents added value, which cannot be reasonably worked out in the early stages of the performance of the work, than a formal claim can be made.

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This fillable proposal is designed for protection, alarm and security systems. It helps to keep a full record of the details discussed between the contractor and the client. Easy to record the potential customer's information at the top of the form as well as job and project information. The job is described in the project description area giving you ample room to describe the project or job, in detail. Full amount of proposed project, payment, deposit and payment schedule is also included followed by industry accepted terms and conditions and signature lines.

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Help boost customer confidence that the work or installation has been done properly by providing your client with an Electrical, industry standard, all purpose, labor workmanship or parts warranty certificate after job completion. This has been proven to help gain traction with customer trust and word of mouth recommendations in the long run.

You may also opt to have one or many different types of certificates to comply with particular jobs or projects. It may be a satisfaction guarantee, a warranty certificate on equipment or parts, a workmanship guarantee, an "x-Year(s)" parts warranty or quality pledge, an "x-Year(s) on parts such as a electronic parts or re-wiring or fuse box installation, a lemon guarantee, the possibilities are many —and also makes a good starting point towards selling a maintenance agreement.

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All purpose, fillable form used for general house repairs. Can be used as an estimate or invoice form. Contains itemized work list with check boxes which make write-ups fast and help enter the job description and dollar amount. Can be used for bathroom remodeling, carport, ceiling repairs, concrete, floor repairs, painting, plumbing repairs, roof repairs, screen room, tile, wall repairs, miscellaneous and other work. Also has room to record the warranty period, signature lines and total summary section.

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A multi-purpose HVAC work order, service order and invoice, for use with any service oriented HVAC, heating, plumbing, electrical, roofing and appliance service, repair service business. 

Features two pricing rates, one for the standard rate charge, the other displays pricing rate for customers enrolled in a service maintenance agreement plan or use as a comparison tool to display "their" and "our" price, this rate comparison shows customers how much they have saved by having enrolled in the maintenance plan, for non service plan customers it brings up an excellent opportunity to sell and enroll the customer in your service plan.

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A pest control form, can be used as a job or work order, service call form, inspection, treatment, or service and maintenance form, for residential, commercial, indoor and outdoor service calls. Fill out fast with easy to fill in customer information section, account type, frequency call -if needed, target pests, treated areas, application methods and chemicals used and charged rate.

Form has all the essentials sections to keep your pest control form up to date to save you time and money with this proven and popular, all purpose pest control form.

Interactive PDF form is self calculating, adjusting for areas to be cleaned, additional services added or removed, sales tax -if required, end user blank total summary fields makes it easy to modify the form with your own fixed or rated charges such as service call fee, special treatments, etc.

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General purpose, fillable, Remodeling Proposal form with specification sheets giving you plenty of room for images, drawings to help outline the work to be performed. Easy to personalize using Microsoft Word or free Adobe Reader to meet your personal business needs. 

This detailed project or work proposal allows customers to see exactly what a particular Remodeling contractor is promising to do (and at what cost). Avoid confusion and provide clear proposals straight from your computer allowing the contractor to manage customer expectations avoiding customer misunderstandings or disputes along the way ensuring smooth job/project transaction from start to finish.

This remodeling proposal also provides 5 additional pages which allow you to record all proposal specifications and necessary drawings.

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An all purpose Heating & A/C preventive maintenance agreement with certificate border, may also be used to create a MA (maintenance agreement) for furnace, boiler, heat pump, humidifier, water heater, oil tank, and more.

This service and preventive agreement can be fully customized and personalized using Microsoft Word. Add your business header and logo, edit wording, edit maintenance plans with your own benefits, change prices and everything else, including text color. No need to start from scratch or pay the high costs of typesetting and design, use one of SnappyFORMS' startup templates and save time and money.