Forms by Trades

Professional and Skilled Trade forms such as job, work, service, repair orders and proposals, warranty certificates and other type of business start-up forms for use with construction, home improvement trades and other professions, such as: HVAC, Pressure Cleaning, Plumbing, Construction, Roofing, Kitchen Hood Cleaning, Landscaping, House Cleaning, Pest Control, Appliance Repair, Marine Repairs, Flooring, Carpeting, Handymen, Pressure Cleaning, Shipping & Cargo, Asphalt & Paving, Electrical, Automotive, and more.

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Make Service Calls Fast and Easy! Using a form tailored for your specific business will keep you organized. This fillable, work order contains checklists that help you itemize the job every step of the way, including materials and labor, for complete records. When the job is complete, hand the invoice to the customer.

This fillable, plumbing form is can be used as a work, service order and invoice, it covers everything in one form, self calculating, doing the math, for accurate work write-ups and invoicing and accurately. Signature line for customer authorization prevents disputes along the way. 

Easy to personalize using free Adobe Reader and/or Microsoft Word, add your company name and contact details, add your logo and you're all set. Interactive PDF form is self calculating, including addition of your state sales/service tax.

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An all around HVAC, one, two or three year service contract preventive maintenance agreement. Can also be modified and used for heater, oil fired, boiler, fired hot water heater, oil tank, & many other equipment and maintenance services or trades, such as plumbing.

Clearly let the customer know what he's getting for the return of his/her investment by laying out the 10 point check up and parts covered -and exclusions, clearly and easy to understand in big letters. Offer percentage off incentives in advertising, upselling box. Bottom of form fields pertain to equipment, customer and billing and legalese section to avoid misunderstandings along the way.

This maintenance agreement can be fully customized and personalized using free Adobe Reader and Microsoft Word. Add your business header and logo, edit wording, edit service contract plans, edit/change services and parts covered by your plan, fully editable! No need to start from scratch or pay the high costs of typesetting and design, use one of SnappyFORMS' startup templates to save time and money and start implementing the lucrative business of service contract equipment maintenance plans.

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Maintain monthly record of your truck and or tractor maintenance schedule. The 4 page form covers all maintenance points for most trucks and tractor trailers from turn lights, fire extinguishers, to hydraulic and air leaks and plenty space to add your own areas of inspection. Maintain monthly safety, lubrication, and repair reports throughout the year.

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This lift truck or forklift pre-shift inspection report form records both, engine and battery powered trucks. It is used to regulate and minimize the number of accidents, injuries and deaths due to incidents involving Powered Industrial Trucks operated by your employees. It also helps follow guidelines and be compliant with OSHA Regulation: 29CFR – 1910.178 Powered Industrial Trucks. 

The form contains daily items check list which can be personalized to your particular needs, and boxes to indicate if inspection is ok, requires attention, or not applicable. Top of form contains space for truck make, model, serial number/vin, comments section provides ample room for notes, and signature lines at bottom of form.

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The flooring contractors proposal form was developed specially for floor laying firms and designed for keeping a full record of the details discussed between the contractor and the client. Easily record the potential customer's information and job or project information at the top of the form. The clear grid in top can be used to notd down or draw the details of the job and map them out for greater clarity. Details of rooms, pattern, color, size, square yardage, price per feet and amount can be clearly noted on proposal with job proposal summary to provide your customer with clear costs. Signature and industry standard terms and conditions are found at bottom of form. Available in two colors, blue and black, choose your preferred color at no extra charge.

This form will save time and effort for every job and works perfect to keep things clear with the client. 

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An all purpose flooring warranty certificate. 

Fully editable & fillable using Microsoft Word and free Adobe Reader.

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A flooring and floor laying firms estimating form. Protect against unreasonable claims when you write up estimated costs for everything! Room to list labor, materials, miscellaneous expenses and more.

The flooring contractors proposal form was developed specially for floor laying firms and designed for keeping a full record of the details discussed between the contractor and the client. Lots of line space to include all details, job description and costs of materials and labor. After you calculate the estimate cost, simply enter the amount at bottom of form and authorize the amount with your signature.

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An all purpose warranty certificate for flooring contractors  and floor laying firms. Very simple to modify and to change warranty terms to meet your requirements. 

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Air Waybill compliant with new IATA Resolution 600b, effective as of December 30th 2009, replaces Resolution 600b(II).

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This is a document containing a record of the transaction between a seller (exporter) and a buyer (importer), containing information such as a complete listing and description of the goods including prices, discounts and quantities, and the delivery and payment terms. A commercial invoice is often used by government's to determine the true value of goods for the assessment of Custom duties, and must therefore conform to the regulations of the importing country.

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A Pro Forma invoice is a preliminary bill of sale sent to buyers in advance of a shipment or delivery of goods. The Commercial Invoice will typically describe the purchased items and other important information such as the shipping weight and transport charges. Pro forma invoices are often used for customs purposes on imports.

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This specification work sheet contains 5 pages which allow you to record the proposal or elaborate on the job specifications in more detail. A modern and sleek design makes this an easy to read specification sheet, easily customizable with your own information