Pressure Cleaning

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$325.00 $120.00

A pressure cleaning, industry standard work proposal, bid proposal and service (maintenance) agreement form. An itemized cleaning checklist (editable) makes filling out your form a breeze.

Form includes space for customer, work and billing information, notes/observations, editable check list of services to provide, proposed amount and proposed frequency schedule, industry standard terms of agreement, signature lines and other features such as form numbering and cleaning industry association logos (may be removed or replaced with your own).

$110.00 $55.00

General, All-Purpose, fillable painting proposal used by professional painting companies and painting contractors. The form can be used for interior, exterior, residential and commercial proposals. The form contains room for customer information and itemized job/work list with check boxes which allow the customer to see exactly what the contractor is promising to do, space to record comments and payment details with industry standard terms and conditions and signature lines for representative and customer.