Roofing Maintenance Contract Agreement

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A fully editable Roofing Preventive and Maintenance Agreement that follows the guidelines of The National Roofing Contractor's Association (NRCA) which recommends roofing maintenance and repair be performed at least twice a year. More importantly before and after severe weather seasons such as a winter in the Northern United States. By simple text modification you can also use it for many other types of home improvement situations were you may want to offer some type of maintenance program.

The maintenance agreement details what it covers, price per inspection, payment terms, and scheduling and covers the points for cleaning roof system of natural debris, clear all gutters and waterways, and assess vulnerable points in the roof system to ensure that no degradation can leak in the future and to inform customer of inspection, work done or needed. All contract details may be fully editable.

The preventive agreement can be fully customized and personalized using Microsoft Word or free Adobe Reader. Add your business header and logo, edit wording, edit maintenance plan with your own benefits, change price and more. No need to start from scratch or pay the high costs of typesetting and form design, save time and money.

Personalize your maintenance agreement and offer the maintenance agreement benefits to a customer after a job or prior to a roofing job, in time you will see the reaping rewards of preventive and maintenance agreements. It's great for marketing too, you could prepare different maintenance agreements and distribute them on different marketing zones to see what plans/offers, may work best.

Tip: By focusing on preventive maintenance (PM) you put your company in a position to remain stable through turbulent times. Instead of relying on sporadic break/fix orders to stay alive, you enjoy reliable, recurring revenue sources by embracing preventive maintenance agreement services. 

Form may be printed in your home/office printer -printing only what you need, it may also be filled in manually, or filled in the field/job site using laptop, or tablet. Form may also be delivered to local print shop or quick copy center for quantity or carbonless form sets, or print carbonless sets directly from your office printer. Form my be fully edited or personalized. Great for startups and established business looking to update their forms.

Form Features: Customize the form to meet your own business needs using Microsoft Word or our new, fully editable, interactive PDF form document for use with free Adobe Reader; both form versions come bundled together -why both? it's about giving you, the customer choices to see which will work best for your business environment. Both types allow you to fully edit/add your company information, import your business logo and other trade logos or images, change form field titles, terms, etc. -forms are fully editable and do not contain any type of protection or locked in any way so that you are free to edit the form to meet your exact business needs as much as needed. 

When you are finished customizing your form, fill in your form using your desktop/laptop computer and print to you desktop printer for a professional looking finished form that is sure to impress your potential customer. Other choices include printing black forms to fill in by hand, and delivery to your local print shop —or quick printing, as camera-ready artwork for quantity/offset printing.

PDF Form Features: The interactive PDF form is self calculating and allows you to fully edit all text in the form, including form field labels such as "Name", "Date" etc., edit form section headings, you can also, insert and edit your company name and contact details, edit your company's name and address fields to any of 7 colors, also change the form's title heading to one of 7 colors, and also change the form's text to one of 7 colors, change form input fields to one of 7 colors, change input text to 3 colors, place your business logo and any other trade images you may want, auto form numbering to move form numbering forward or backward or use manual invoice numbering, invoice numbering system also allows manual setup for a mix of letters and numbers, setup the form with your state sales tax for auto tax calculation, allows for some sub total items in total summary area to be taxed -or not taxed- (this may be useful if doing work for a non-profit organization (see State laws), form is self calculating with full math functions, full accuracy, 3 data text input colors, digital signature if device capable, flatten form and e-mail, fax or hand deliver. Can be used for digital or manual entry.

Page Size: 8.5" x 11" (Standard US page size)

Form Vers. v8.0 FE, Men v1.9

Printing: Form may be printed to any desktop, laser or inkjet printer, in color or black and white. Print only the forms that you need to avoid waste. For large print volume or carbonless forms (NCR), deliver camera ready artwork to your local office supply store or local print shop and save on typesetting or graphic design fees.

Format: This form comes bundled with Microsoft Word forms and an Interactive PDF form, for use with Microsoft Word and Word for Mac and also comes with an Interactive PDF form for use with free Adobe Reader or Acrobat; for graphic designers, we also offer the form in Adobe Illustrator or InDesign format which is best used by offset print shops and in the graphics industry, choose your preferred format at checkout.

Which Format Should I Get?

For in-house, office, home office or other personal use, we recommend that you choose the user-friendly Microsoft Word and PDF Bundle.

Minimum system requirements:

  • Microsoft Word 2003 or higher
  • Free Adobe Reader v6 or higher

For graphic designers, print shops or individuals wanting to prepare camera-ready files for offset printing or delivery to your local print shop, we recommend that you choose Illustrator or InDesign format. Illustrator or InDesign files come bundled with only the document and template file.

Minimum system requirements:

  • Illustrator CS v11 or higher
  • InDesign CC or higher

Learn more about SnappyFORMS' Word Forms Learn more about SnappyFORMS' interactive PDF Form Features

Software Delivery: This product is downloadable. You will receive the link to download your form by e-mail link as soon as purchase is approved by online processor. Purchases made using 2CheckOut payment processor will take about thirty minutes to be processed; PayPal orders are delivered immediately. If you do not receive expected e-mail, please be sure to check/search your junk or bulk email folders for the email from SnappyFORMS. 

Note: Sample company information displayed on forms such as business name, logo and other images may be replaced with your own image(s) and are only representative of what your form may look like after editing/customizing.

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List price: Refers to a general pricing method if you were to have the form designed from scratch by a typesetter of graphic design studio, price may vary, we have used a very modest design price.

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